Do I have to sign an annual lease?
No. Leasing is on a month-to-month basis. We understand that things can change unexpectedly, so we created our leasing model with that in mind. If and when you decide to leave, all we require is a six week notice and the restoration of your suite to its original condition.
Are there specific hours of operation?
Phenix offers 24/hr key-less access, which allows our lessees the freedom to create their own schedule. A salon coordinator is on-sight during peak business hours to help maintain the space and direct clients to their salon professional. Lessees have access 365 days a year.
What role does the salon Coordinator play in terms of my business?
Our salon coordinators are on-sight during peakbusiness days to make sure things run smoothly for you and your clients. Duties consist of maintaining the cleanliness and order of common areas within Phenix and directing clients to their salon professional, resolving technical issues etc. The salon coordinator is not responsible for appointment scheduling or other similar logistics for your business.
Do clients adapt well to a private space as opposed to a large, open salon setting?
Although people may be unfamiliar with the salon suites concept, many clients enjoy the privacy Phenix offers. Large salon concepts can be intimidating with a lot of distractions. Phenix allows for a one-on-one experience without all the chaos that large salon settings often foster.
Can I share my space with another salon professional?
Yes. Lessees have the option of sharing and/or subletting their suite at no additional cost.
Is any furniture provided?
Yes. Depending on the services you offer, Phenix provides basic salon furnishings you need to run a successful business. Whether you specialize in hair, nails, skin care etc., we have a furniture combination that will fit your business needs.
Can I sell my own products?
Yes. Anyone that leases with Phenix is encouraged to sell the salon products of their choice while keeping 100% of the revenue.
Are you allowed to decorate your own suite?
Yes. We understand you want to make your space a reflection of your personal style. We
encourage our lessees to paint and decorate to make their suite as comfortable and inviting as possible.
Do I need to provide my own proof of insurance?
No. You are automatically covered under our general liability and professional liability insurance policy. Some restrictions apply.